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What is SHARK Time?
Shark Time is a time where students can get extra help from teachers within the school day (a period after 4th period and before lunch).  All students are expected to be prepared with their necessary materials and be productive during the entire tutorial period.  Because some teachers will stamp reminder binders in advance to attend a required tutorial session with them, it is essential that students have their reminder binder every day in every class. This reminder binder also serves as a record of their Shark Time experiences, so all pages should remain intact and never be torn out.  If the reminder binder is left at home or lost, a consequence will be assigned and will not be able to enter the Sharks in Good Standings privilege areas. Those who have lost their reminder binder will need to obtain a new one from the front office.  Students are also expected to create their “Shark Time Plan” for the week based on the posted shark time schedule along with any stamps they have received.  If a student has a stamp, they must attend that classroom session, even if he/she is a current “Shark in Good Standing”.  Students are also encouraged to ask for stamps from their teachers when needing extra help or clarification. In addition to receiving extra help, Shark Time is also a time for students to start homework, make-up absent work and/or tests, turn in any missing work, or simply organize notebooks/digital files. At times, there will be enrichment activities offered for those students who do not have any stamps that day.
What is a “Shark in Good Standing” pass, and what privileges come with it?
  • Each grading period (progress reports and final quarter grade reports), students earning all As, Bs, or Cs (meaning no Ds or Fs) and/or no Ns or Us in Citizenship, will earn a “Shark in Good Standing” pass. Having multiple unexcused absences and/or tardies or office referrals within a grading period may also result in not being eligible for a pass. A new pass will be issued at the conclusion of each grading period.
  • This pass allows students to earn the privilege of working in the library, working at the lunch tables, or doing an activity in the P.E. area during Shark Time, as long as they are not stamped to attend a classroom session that day.
  • Students must maintain appropriate grades and behavior throughout the grading period to maintain the benefits of being a Shark in Good Standing pass. 
  • Did not earn a pass this grading period?  Make a goal to earn it for the next passing period by asking for help and to be stamped, completing your work, preparing for tests, and displaying appropriate behavior.